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The lighthouse is a metaphor for the principles of effectiveness. They are our constant guide that always keep us on the right path to success in an ever-changing, turbulent world full of opportunity.

We at Lighthouse International are committed to the knowledge, mastery, teaching and application of those principles of effectiveness empowering people who want to enhance and/or optimise their personal, professional, and/or business lives.

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Lighthouse International Vision & Mission

We at Lighthouse International are committed to building a global community of principle-centred career professionals, leaders, entrepreneurs, and social and environmental entrepreneurs that inspire positive, progressive, human and environmental change in our families, homes, schools, businesses and careers.

We achieve this through teaching personal and inter-personal life, business and career principles of effectiveness and help people to follow through in mastering these principles in all areas of their lives.

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Mastery Book Study Groups

In such a rapidly moving and fragmented world, we need to learn to come together in a way like never before to ensure sustainability and optimal success in all areas of our personal, family, career and business lives.

Mastery Groups serve as a support environment of like-minded and like-hearted, committed individuals, enabling us to become increasingly more effective and to build strong human connections for the betterment of our personal and professional lives.

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